New Year and Decade: Why Being Patient Will Be Your Most Important Resolution

By Mark Hall

As we enter 2020, we aren’t just walking into a new year, we are entering a new decade. There is no better time to reflect on what the last ten years have delivered and plan for what the next ten can bring.

These last ten years delivered me the most important things in my life: marriage, children, new jobs and personal growth. Of course, it also came with countless setbacks and personal and professional challenges along the way.

Throughout this period, one consistent lesson underscores my journey: committing to something for the long-term can produce unfathomable results.

On the surface, this concept sounds self-evident. However, seeing what’s happening in our modern era of instant gratification, comparative social statuses, and unrealistic expectations, I know this lesson is more important than ever.

I would argue that dedicating yourself to something for an uncomfortable amount of time, such as five or ten years, is the best way to push yourself and explore the limits of your potential.

During the last ten years, I undoubtedly performed countless activities that you could describe as productive. Yet, only a small few fall into a category of things I’ve done consistently for a decade.