Tips for Finding Amazing Flight Deals

Have Flexible Travel Dates

Tickets prices can fluctuate widely based on which days of the week you travel. Hopefully, you can be flexible on your arrival and departure date. Even if you can only be flexible on one end of your trip, you can easily save a few bucks by flying on Wednesday instead of a Friday or the day before a major holiday when more travelers tend to fly.

Most airline websites and flight search engines provide a flexible date calendar that makes it easy to quickly compare ticket prices. As a general observation, third-party sites usually do a better job at providing flexible date pricing.

Use a Budget Airline

You can save some money by flying Southwest Airlines and JetBlue instead of the larger domestic carrier to fly across the U.S., Hawaii, and even to the Caribbean. But be warned, you may not necessarily get great customer service!

Book a Vacation Package

If you still need to book the whole kit and kaboodle, a flight and hotel package can save you cash. Airlines and third-party booking sites all offer travel packages. Some of the best options are Costco Travel or through your airline or hotel loyalty program (i.e. Marriott Flights and Nights) so you can get some bonus points and book a cheap flight simultaneously.

Summary on Booking Cheap Flights

Whether you cannot book until the last-minute or are booking six months in advance, you can find cheap flights at any time online. The key is knowing where to look and having a flexible travel itinerary. If you don’t have a preference for the carrier, flight time, or travel days, the savings can be eye-popping.