Should I Move to Seattle…Maybe!

Thinking about moving to Seattle? The first thing you should know about Seattle is that it’s constantly evolving and feels like both a big city and a small city at the same time.

On a clear day, heading south on 1-5 via the Ship Canal Bridge gives you a view of all Seattle truly is: The glass skyscrapers and steel construction cranes are encircled by pine-dotted hills, deep-blue lakes, and two soaring mountain ranges crowned by Mount Rainier.

Seattle is pretty, there’s no doubt about it. And while it would seem everyone in the country would move here if given the chance, the one detail holding people back is the weather. Yeah, it rains. But real Seattleites can handle it. One of the biggest inside jokes among locals is that we don’t use umbrellas (even though many of us actually do). But the truth is: A rain jacket is often the better solution since the weather is usually more damp than actually rainy.

More and more people are making the leap to the biggest city in the Evergreen State. Seattle’s population has grown 18 percent since 2010 (one of the highest increases in the country), with an estimated 730,000 residents in the city limits and another 3.5 million in greater Seattle and counting. To accommodate the surge, the city is constantly upgrading.

With homegrown giants like Amazon and Microsoft firmly situated in the region, the city can sometimes feel like San Francisco and Silicon Valley had a baby, and that baby drank Starbucks. Expedia, Alaska Airlines, Nintendo, Boeing, and Costco also call the Emerald City home, and Facebook, Google, and other Bay Area companies have satellite offices here.

But it’s not all tech. There’s no shortage of things to do here, including outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, mountain biking or live events like catching a show at the historic Paramount Theatre or one of the OG music venues like the Crocodile. In the summer, you might find yourself enjoying a craft brew at an outdoor food festival or rollerblading along the sun-drenched shores of Alki Beach. In the winter, you might head up to one of the mountain passes for some all-day snowboarding or cozying up in a wood cabin and soaking your feet in a hot tub. As more and more transplants are beginning to find out, Seattle’s a pretty special place. But before you say yes to whatever could possibly bring you to the city, here are a few additional things you should consider.