We Quit Our Jobs and Travelled the World in an RV

After two months together in a cramped 20ft camper van, arguing over torn maps, soggy firelighters and even soggier socks, the last thing I was thinking was that my boyfriend would want to spend the rest of his life with me. But there he was, kneeling in snow as the sun set over a Canadian mountain, holding up a vintage solitaire.

We’d met five years earlier, and this was our make-or-break adventure: a six-month road trip through Canada and America, finding local produce to cook on and off the road.

Jimmy’s proposal may have been a surprise, but really, I think I knew I’d met my perfect mate when he agreed to my mad idea to quit our jobs in London to eat our way through 6,000 miles of wilderness in a camper van.

It was a plan cooked up late at night after yet another relentless week for both of us in the world of photography (me) and film (him). After moving to the capital together from Cornwall, where we’d met at university, we lived together in east London but barely managed to even make a weekly date night because we were constantly tired.

However, on the plus side, our lack of free time allowed us to save up for our trip.

After many sleepless nights and back and forth deliberations, we booked a one-way flight to Vancouver. As well as travel, our passion is food, so we decided to create an account – @theculinarycampers – that would document our journey as a cooking exploration, finding great ingredients and the people behind the food.

We had two months to say goodbye to everything: our jobs, our house and our friends and families. There were times when we thought we’d made the wrong decision: we were gripped by fear of the unknown.

People thought we were mad when we told them our plans (or lack thereof), but we knew there was more to life than work and the stresses of the city.

We packed our belongings into our parents’ attics and squashed as much as we could into two backpacks. We were finally ready to be outside, to learn new skills and reconnect with nature and each other.