Twitter darn near lost its mind over Drake, Ninja, JuJu Smith-Schuster streaming Fortnite together

What can bring the worlds of sports, music and internet celebrities together better than gaming sensation du jour Fortnite? Nothing, especially when they’re all on one Twitch stream together like they were on Tuesday night. Hosted by Ninja, the streamer who is blowing up right now, Drake, Travis Scott, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and even KimDotcom got in on the action.

Not for nothing, that combination of personalities proved to be catnip for Twitch viewers, who turned up in huge numbers. While the previous record for concurrent Twitch viewers on one stream was a tad under 400,000, Ninja’s stream soared past half a million and briefly touched 600,000 at one point

Needless to say, Twitter was loving it.

Twitch is already big enough that it didn’t need a “moment” to establish itself, but the Fortnite phenomenon and this celebrity get-together proves it can even reach another level. And as far as the game itself goes, Epic Games couldn’t have asked for better publicity. This might help it put PUBG in the rear view mirror for good.