Fortnite’s Playground LTM Should Be (And Probably Will Be) Permanent

Saying that Fortnite has done a lot of things right would probably be the understatement of the year. But if there’s one thing everybody’s new favourite game has done particularly well, it’s tapping into meme culture.


However, the much-anticipated “Playground” limited time mode is currently disabled in Fortnite: Battle Royale, developer Epic Games just announced on Twitter. Epic had tweeted earlier about issues with the matchmaking services and appears to be bringing the mode down to make repairs. There’s no indication about when Playground will be ready again, but keep an eye both here and on the official Fortnite twitter account.

Playground is an open mode that lets players explore the island without the constant pressure of a Battle Royale. It spawns a player and up to three friends on a private instance with no opponents and lets them practice with all the guns and building materials the game has to offer: it even lets them scrimmage against their friends and respawn when they die. It’s been one of the most hotly anticipated new modes in the game for a long time, and so this quick disabling comes as a bit of a blow to anyone hoping to make some sort of absurd tower early this morning. Matchmaking issues are the sort of thing we’ve seen before, however, and they haven’t taken too long to fix in the past.

I’m excited to see what happens when the mode comes back up. Players already use Twitch and Youtube to show off absurd creations from covering up Dusty Divot to building a pyramid over Wailing Woods or just any number of giant shopping cart ramps, and we can expect the scale of those projects to increase ten times in short order. Epic says that Playground is a test case for a full-scale creative mode in the future, the sort of thing that could potentially sit next to Battle Royale and Save the World as one of the primary ways to play Fortnite.

For now, however, we’re waiting for the thing to come back online. Hopefully, we’ll be dropping onto the island later this afternoon and creating towering monuments to our own hubris in no time. Check back for updates.